Fixed Wing / Ejection Seat Airplane Cushions

The MitiGatortm products were delivered to Naval Air Systems Command and the US Air Force. In January 2003, a US Air Force evaluation showed shock or impact reductions of up to 23% over standard airplane seat cushions for fixed wing aircraft as well as for ejection seat applications. Internal evaluations indicate shock reductions up to 50%.

E-2C Cushion

SEAS' seat cushion system (utilizing one layer of The MitiGatortm Technology) dissipates much of the energy of impacts and prevents that energy from passing through to the human body, thus reducing the level of injury sustained. The airplane seat cushion system is as effective against repeated impacts (high-speed boats or ground vehicles) as it is against one-time events (crash landings). The MitiGatortm utilized in the cushion has been shown to attenuate as much as 40% more energy than standard or conformal foam systems.

ACESII Cushion

The MitiGatortm technology is an engineered system; specific MitiGatortm configurations can be designed for specific applications. Along with its good energy-attenuating characteristics, The MitiGatortm has the added advantage of returning to its original configuration after impact, making it suitable for repeated impacts. The cushion is made of materials that will survive in a marine environment. Studies have also shown that the system also acts as a vibration attenuating system as well. This reduces fatigue and pain, allowing crewmembers to concentrate on the mission or task at hand.

Our airplane seat seat cushions also feature E-A-R Conformal Foam (originally developed for NASA) seating surfaces to provide unsurpassed comfort and relief from pressure point pain. These foams contribute additional impact protection, vibration isolation and durability.

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