Helicopter Seats

Helicopter seats are where we cut our teeth and have the longest track record. The MitiGatortm helicopter seat cushions are engineered cushioning systems designed to protect people from hard impacts and crash landings and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs.

The MitiGatortm also has been shown to reduce whole body vibration by as much as 75% over 2" thick visco-elastic foam cushions, thus reducing fatigue during long missions.

The MitiGatortm has been validated through intensive in-house testing as well as by independent testing by the US Navy & Air Force, several commercial laboratories and by many evaluators in other military, law enforcement, and recreational applications.

In simulated helicopter crash studies conducted by Naval Air Systems Command Crew Systems, the MitiGatortm reduced the energy transmitted through to crash dummies by an average of 40% for middle and heavy weight individuals as shown below.

In some individual comparisons, lumbar load was reduced by as much as 65%.