Blast Testing

The MitiGatortm system is used in more blast protection seating and flooring systems than any other technology. MitiGatortm technology limits blast force transfer by absorbing the energy and transmitting it away from the body. This means fewer and less severe injuries as a result of the double assaults of a blast event.

The MitiGatortm system has been validated by intensive, rigorous testing by the US Army, Navy, and Air Force, multiple defense contractors (US and European) as well as external independent labs. This extremely durable material returns to its original configuration after sustaining the blast event, making it ideal for multiple impacts. Incorporating MitiGatortm into the solution to improve the safety of vehicles in the event of an explosion and limiting the peak force will increase the chances that the vehicle’s occupants will walk away.

The MitiGatortm is the World Leader in Blast Protection Seat Enhancement and is currently in use in more than 150,000 military vehicles as an occupant blast protection system.

Follow this link to review one of the many blast test/evaluation reports on the MitiGatortm.